Privacy Policy

What we know

For the purpose of providing our clients with top-notch service, we participate in two user-tracking services through the use of cookies:

  • Google Analytics - Click here to read about what information they obtain - for our use.

Personally identifiable information is collected to ensure that messages you choose to send are successfully delivered to the intended recipient. Your information will only be shared to those whom you choose to initiate communication with [advertisers with this website]. It will not be shared to third parties without prior consent.

How we use it

We obtain visitor tracking data from Google Analytics for the purpose of targeted improvement to the sections of our website that users are most interested in.

Through our AdRoll subscription, we re-target advertisements to potential subscribers to our service using the data-collection practices detailed on AdRoll's website - linked to above in the previous section.

How trust is earned

Our websites are kept up-to-date with current security and web practices. Some of the ways we protect you and your information include:

  • Encryption using SSL when sensitive information is transferred.
  • Regularly maintained website "code" and version updating.
  • Physical security for storage through our network provider.

How to opt out

Clearing your browsers cookies will remove any information that our site may use to track your usage. If you have previously communicated with registered members of this website, you can write to us to have your information removed from our databases by emailing

We do not send email communications to visitors of our website. If you wish to discontinue receiving emails from a real estate professional that you have contacted through our site, please contact them directly by phone or email.